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The new release from Sean Born and Dunc (DTMD) is aptly titled as it brings listeners into their world and reintroduces the elements that made us fall in love with Hip Hop in the first place: dope beats and dope lyrics. Quite candidly, isn’t that what organic is supposed to be: eliminating the impurities and giving your fans the best product possible? This latest endeavor is Sean Born elevating his craft over some equally emotive and hard-knocking production courtesy of Dunc. The beats and the rhymes complement each other and seamlessly blend from track to track as moods change, not staying in one lane for too long. Organic behaves similar to Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in that many stories are told by different artists while they simultaneously coalesce, making “the sum of its parts” understandable to the audience.

Music is meant to act as a soundtrack to our lives –past, present, and future. Like the various experiences we go through, Organic represents an aspect of that soundtrack that makes sense now and years later when it’s discovered by new fans. For many of us who continue to make sense of our past, this release provides clarity and insight into periods of our lives that may have previously been too difficult to tackle and address, while simultaneously giving the listener an opportunity to enjoy the joys –not just the pains- of life. Music provides the necessary therapy and language in a way that words are often unable. Sean Born and Dunc help make our days a little brighter with a product that is well-crafted and made with only the finest ingredients. When the label boasts “Low Budget,” organic is a foregone conclusion.


released September 19, 2013

Written & Directed by Sean Born
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Dunc
Executive Produced by S.Floyd,D.Wintermyer and A. Lyers
Artwork by Nancy "Nanlib" Castellanos



all rights reserved


Sean Born Washington

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